One More Step, Taken

I have been working more on my Sprenkil doodles, and I’m getting a clearer picture (ha ha) of the imagery and composition. As much as I love watercolor and acrylic illustrations, I long ago gave up on learning to paint. I once had a brief romance with oils, but in the end there were always other interests, other priorities, other hobbies that won my time.

You can imagine my delight when my search for new colored pencils led me to this gem. When you add water, the pencil drawing transforms into a watercolor painting!

I was so excited by the thought I bought them immedietly.

They arrived a couple days ago, and yesterday I took them for a test run.

Before water:


After water:


I clearly have some bugs to work out in the technique, and I suspect watching a video or two on watercolor painting will be helpful, but I am So Excited!

My 3 year old’s comment: “It’s a flower!”

My 8 year old’s comment: “Very nice, Mom! It actually looks like the flower it’s supposed to!”

Right on.