Two months later…

The eyes are finally improving to the point I can work in short bursts on the computer without discomfort. This is relieving news to me, because I have done much writing by hand these last many weeks and I’m somewhat anxious to get caught up on the typing side of things.

This morning I awoke and dressed in preparation for the 90 °F weather my phone told me to expect. Two hours later I raced outside to bring my dog in from the rain, and I decided phones make terrible weathermen.


I wish I had more writing to show for my 2 month absence than a few silly sentences about the weather. I fear I got kinda discouraged for a while, because although I sent out a bunch more query letters on The Sprenkil Adventures, I didn’t hear from a single one of them. I found rejections to be motivating, but silence? That’s way worse than being told no.

After getting over the initial slump, I decided to take another hard look at the manuscript, and I encountered what I consider to be a pretty big flaw. Why it took me months to see it, I don’t know. But I fixed it, and I feel better about it now.

Queries resume this week!