The Presidential Graduation Speech

If you haven’t already heard of Jack Aiello, now you have. His 8th grade graduation speech swept not only his audience, but YouTube, various news agencies, and talk show hosts as well.

I read through a number of the news articles I could find online, but most of them repeated the same things. They highlighted the humor and the brilliance behind the presidential impersonations, and yes, it’s hilarious (it’s why he caught my attention), but I was hoping for more. Something different. Eventually, I found an article that stood out.

Here you will find no quotes from the speech, no commentary on the inflections…in fact, there’s very little about the original video at all. Why did it resonate with me? Quite simply, the family element. The article isn’t just about Jack, it’s about his whole family, and I really really appreciate that.

So thank you, Kerry Lester of the Daily Herald.

And congratulations, Jack Aiello!