When Girl Meets Horse


My 6 year old daughter is much like me in many ways, including being born with a love for horses. Hand her a stick, *poof!* now she has a pony to ride. Give her a carrot *poof!* the rocking horse is now carrot-starved and Must Be Fed. Pretend someone or something is in danger, *poof!* she hops on her ever faithful rescuing horse.

For years she has watched horses from afar with that wistful longing I well remember feeling. A couple years ago, we once passed a rider on a walk, and she was gracious enough to let my kids pet her beautiful palomino. Palominos are still one of my daughter’s favorites.

On Sunday she met her first horse up close and personal courtesy of a kind neighbor. It was a step towards a dream come true for her (the ultimate dream, of course, is a horse of her own). I’ve never seen her grin so big for so long!

A little bit of instruction later, she had balance and perfect posture as our neighbor walked the horse around, and I really had just one thought. “Land sakes, she’s a natural.”

Then I remembered, that’s what people said about me when I first got started. And I sighed happily, because while I foresee a lot of work, a lot of patience, and a lot of waiting on her part, I secretly have already started hearing it in my heart:

“Here we go again.”


Nothing new to report on The Sprenkil Adventures. Still plugging ahead with queries, still hopeful for some replies! Still have a little of the list left to go. Starting to think more seriously what to do next should I not land an agent or publisher.