Feet to Fancy

Once there was a 9 year old girl who loved soccer (but she loved horses more). For two years she played on a great team, went to a championship, and learned that sometimes a single kick can change the entire game. 

One day her parents told her she could go to soccer camp, and she looked forward to the week right up until she got a bad cold. Instead of a week of sports she faced a week of misery, and the only thing she felt like playing was her Nintendo

She assumed she’d lost her chance to attend camp that summer, but one day her parents came to her with news.

“We’re sorry you missed soccer camp,” they said. “Would you like to go to pony camp instead?”

“Oh, yes!” the little girl exclaimed. She didn’t know there were pony camps with live ponies, and the thought made her giddy.

A few days later, her mother took her to the pony school for an introductory lesson.

Bonnie the instructor was nice, but she was very outgoing. Her frank personality scared the young girl a little, but she didn’t dare say anything because this nice lady had all the ponies. Bonnie told the girl which camp to attend, and she the went home feeling like Sprenkil’s wings were under her.

Pony week came, and the little girl met her mount: Fancy. She was white and tall with a push-button personality, and she loved her because for one week the pony was hers. Fancy taught the girl to balance, she taught her to post and canter, and she taught her to jump over poles.

The little girl could scarcely believe her biggest dream was coming true–she was riding!

After pony week ended, the young rider admitted she’d never been happier to be sick than that cold before soccer camp. It was a point of major change, one that she didn’t hesitate to make. 

She traded a soccer ball for a saddle, and there was no looking back.


L.J. and Fancy

Fancy’s story didn’t stop with pony camp. When the young rider broke her arm falling off a different pony a year later (that’s a tale for another blog post), Fancy was the one who eased her back into riding and restored her confidence.