Short Stories

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Remembering SkyHawk

I’ll never forget that night. It was the moment I knew Hawk and I understood each other.

I know almost as little about therapy horses as I do about rescue horses, with one exception. I’ve been rescued before, and this is my story.


Strength in Small Sizes

She’s small. She’s green. She’s weak and wrapped in cobwebs.

The true tale of the time a hummingbird needed a helping hand.


Dudley, the Rooster Who Jumped for Grapes

Once I realized that my young rooster would navigate an obstacle course for a grape, my 12 year old self began to wonder.

Could he do more?


Adventures in Iguana-Sitting

Anna handed me a piece of paper of instructions, kissed her iguana goodbye, and left me staring at a 2 foot lizard and wondering what on earth I’d gotten myself into.


Captain, the Horse Who Wouldn’t Walk

I was sure I could ride by myself, and I remember clearly the first time my mom unhooked the lead rope.

Captain promptly stopped walking.