LJP_resizeL. J. Potters grew up on a small ranch in the Redwood Empire. She loved the animals–especially the horses–and spent the majority of her free time riding. When she wasn’t riding horses, she enjoyed exploring the grove of eucalyptus and redwood trees in her backyard.

After pursuing classical piano followed by a brief stint with pre-med, L. J. finally earned a degree in English: Creative Writing from Sonoma State University. She has experience in copy editing, and she hopes to soon add “published author” to her list of literary achievements. Currently she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, 5 children, and dog.

The inspiration for her children’s books come mainly from two sources: the stories she wrote as a child and observing her own children at play. By combining the original material with the imaginations living under her roof, L.J.’s efforts result in stories tailored for children by children.


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