Earl Assam to the rescue!

tea-1170551_640Today as I prepared my quiet time tea (I have 5 kids…quiet time is mandatory for EVERYONE, including Mom), I thought for quite a while what I should blog about (because quiet time is when I blog, or write stories, or otherwise use the computer). It’s worrisome to me that often times I don’t have a blogging plan, and with my lack of a plan I have little hope for ever getting ahead. You can’t get ahead on a track you haven’t laid out, and all that.

In the midst of my pondering I reached for a new sample tea. I tea-1132529_640absentmindedly ripped it open, only glancing at the package briefly as I placed the teabag (yes, bag, don’t judge me) in my pretty countryside mug. “Numi Aged Earl Grey, Assam aged with real bergamot”.

Wait. Assam? Didn’t I just read this fabulous review about Assam and comment on how I would need to try it? And what is Assam doing in an Earl Grey anyway?

I love tea (quarts of it kept me company through many an all-nighter during college), but I confess my knowledge of it is relatively limited. Turns out that bergamot oil is the defining factor to Earl Grey, and the black tea element is not at all as fixed as I thought. Go figure.

And so, I am rather enjoying my Assam Earl Grey as I pen out an outline for “Sprenkil Visits the Zoo.”

Questions I must answer:

  1. Big city zoo or smaller city animal sanctuary? Leaning towards the latter, as that would make a little more allowance for introducing a rescue horse.
  2. I know my rescue mare is a former high jumper who sustained a leg injury. Breed? No clue. I need to research high jumping a little more.

On that note, I loved stadium jumping, but high jumping is downright scary looking!


Updates on The Sprenkil Adventures:

“My Horse Sprenkil” now has 4 rejections! The last one surprised me a little…the agent was very kind and encouraging. I wasn’t expecting to encounter that in a rejection letter. Onward, onward…

“Sprenkil Goes to the Moon” is back from the beta readers, now it’s time to par down and edit. Draft #4, here we come!


2 thoughts on “Earl Assam to the rescue!

  1. I’m glad you got to try some, and I hope you enjoyed it? Most of the time it’ll either be an Assam or a Ceylon in an Earl Grey blend, although it’s not always made very clear.
    I hope those rejections turn to acceptance letters soon!


  2. Yes, I did enjoy it muchly! I have 3 other Earl Greys in my cupboard, and one of them specifies orange pekoe. The other two merely say “black tea,” which seems an awfully generic thing to do.


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