Well, Sprenkil made it to the moon.

africa-16831_640Now I just need to get him and Kathi home in one piece!

The initial edit of “Sprenkil Goes to the Moon” is almost done, and my goodness it looks better already! The first drafts always leave me a little appalled. (I wrote that? Seriously? What was my tea-sloshed brain thinking?)

Once the second edit is done, it will be a matter of polishing up, which means I can start thinking about the next book in The Sprenkil Adventures: “Sprenkil Visits the Zoo”. Now, this story is important because it introduces a new horse. She’s a very special horse because she’s a rescue horse.

Here’s where my readers will come in, because I have yet to write her specific history. I don’t know what breed of horse she is, and I don’t know what exactly her troubles are. Once I’m actively working on this, I will be polling you for ideas!


This morning I received my 4th rejection letter! This is actually exciting because I’m now averaging slightly more than 1 rejection a week. Given the general 4-6 week turnover rate, I’m also a little surprised, but definitely not complaining!



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