Waiting, waiting, and waiting. (But not doing nothing.)

reiter-913736_640Edit: Changed the title of the post. I wrote it late at night, and the next morning it struck me as rather misleading in meaning. Apologies to anyone else who thought so too!


It’s difficult sometimes to know what the next step is as a not-yet-published author. It’s kind of like the time my horse and I found ourselves ankle deep in a surprise swampy mire of ick. We slipped and slid our way out of it, sometimes slowly choosing our steps, sometimes wildly stumbling about in an effort to find lost footing. (It was an adventure of a trail ride, and both of us got serious baths when we got home.)

Right now I feel somewhere in between the two sensations. I’m not quite sure of where I’m at with The Sprenkil Adventures, but I’m not hanging on for dear life, either. Two rejections and counting! At least I know where I stand with two agents, so that’s something.

There are a number of websites and articles that have helped me learn about publishing, query letters, marketing, and formatting. Since I haven’t really an update about the book, I though I might share some of the resources I found especially helpful.

Perhaps the biggest is Writers Digest. It requires an email to sign up, and the wealth of free information is truly worth it, in my opinion.

Query Letters Links

How to Write a Query Letter (Writers Digest)

How to Write a Query Letter (Writers Relief)

How to Write a Query Letter (AgentQuery.com)

How to Format a Query Letter

Examples of Query Letters (Query Shark)

Examples of Successful Query Letters (AQ Connect Forum)


Manuscript Formatting Links

Proper Manuscript Format (for sending as a hard copy or as an email attachment)

16 Manuscript Format Guidelines


Resources Specific to Children’s Books

The Purple Crayon (Extensive resource for everything to do with writing, illustrating, and publishing children’s books.)

Understanding Children’s book genres


Marketing and Promotions Links

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

Marketing Through Goodreads

Extensive Free and Paid Book Advertising Websites and Ideas

justpublishingadvice.com (aimed at self-publishers, but there’s a lot of useful info for any writer)

How to Use Social Media to Promote (justpublishingadvice.com)


Other Useful Links

Tax Deductions for Writers


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