Consolation in a Bavarian Teacup

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” (Bernard-Paul Heroux)

ConsolationTeaI’m an officially recognized author now! This is the positive that I’m taking away from my first rejection letter. Yes, I felt some disappointment, but I’m not taking it personally.

To bolster my resolve and increase my motivation for today, I’m giving my afternoon tea something prettier than a heavy mug to rest in. Irish Breakfast, meet Bavarian china.

I pulled out a couple of the Sprenkil sketches from last year, hoping that would offer some extra encouragement. I still have no desire to illustrate my own book (and am very happy with the illustrator I’m currently working with!), but sometimes seeing the visual helps motivate the writing.

And so, Sprenkil flies on!



5 thoughts on “Consolation in a Bavarian Teacup

    • The quote seemed rather fitting, I daresay. Thanks for the follow! I love teas and learning about them, so your blog is of great interest to me. Several friends of mine go on and on about Adagio teas, but I have yet to try the brand.

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      • Thank you for following back!
        I’m pretty new to loose leaf tea so the blog is a good way for me to experience a lot of the varieties and do what I love; writing.
        Adagio stood out for me because they offer a large number of sample collections, meaning I could taste lots of different teas without breaking the bank and filling the cupboards too much!


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