Sprenkil and magical realism

“…I saw another reflection in the water. It looked like a white flying horse!

I stood quickly to my feet and looked up, my eyes getting wider and wider as the horse flew closer and closer. He circled in the air like the eagle, and then in one graceful dive he landed on the other side of the pond.” (My Horse Sprenkil)

One of the comments I received during the “test reading” phase of My Horse Sprenkil mentioned the simple acceptance of a flying horse in an otherwise real world. The young protagonist is practical and sometimes literal, yet she has no trouble believing that the horse she meets really exists.


By LJP at age 8

For a time I contemplated trying to explain Sprenkil’s presence, but I realized doing so would shift the project more towards fantasy, which I don’t want. I don’t want magic. I don’t want to dampen the sense of “this could actually happen.”

A related anecdote: I remember watching Toy Story in theaters with my family. I remember being awed and impressed by the movie, and at the end when Buzz and Woody free themselves from the rocket and sail back to Andy, I cheered to myself because yay! They made it!

You know what my mom was thinking at that moment? “That could never happen.” She laughed about it coming out of the theater, because of course nothing in the movie could actually happen. It wasn’t until that point, though, that her mind actively told her this.

It is excellent story telling when you can keep your readers and viewers accepting and believing your words, even when they don’t match the real world. Part of the success in that, though, is not thinking about it too much.

And so I decided not to think too much about why Sprenkil is in the mountains, where he came from, or why he has wings. He just is, and he just does. Kathi accepts it, and her family accepts it.

It remains to be seen if all the other upcoming characters accept it too.


Guess what? The first batch of query letters is out! Now begins the waiting game.

While I wait, I’m hard at work on the second adventure Sprenkil Goes to the Moon. A horse in space. What could possibly go wrong?

Click here to read more about The Sprenkil Adventures.





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